Our Departments

Our Commercial team, with +25 years in the market, is focused on providing the best possible service for all of your logistical needs when shipping into, or out of ports in Argentina and Uruguay.

Our multi-lingual team can provide expert guidance on the handling of your vessels at our serviceable ports, customs brokerage, and freight forwarding. Long term, B&G’s plans include the development of a terminal upriver, including warehousing, with a higher draft to support the needs of our customers.

Jesper Rasmussen

Gabriel Braun

Jorge Braun

In Argentina, the Operations team is the backbone of our company. We are constantly looking for ways to improve vessel operations and ensure that loading or unloading your bulk cargo is a breeze.

The Operations team is composed of people who work day in and day out to ensure the best service possible, available 24/7 and a phone call away. They are experts in their field, able to handle any situation quickly and efficiently.

A handy solution to any real or potential problem, seeking to be one step ahead of our customer’s need, making them feel safe and protected.

Ivan Keppl

Dana Boscoboinik


Wilson Tomba

Our Documentation team is focused on ensuring that all of the appropriate documentation is prepared and ready for your ship’s arrival in Argentina. On departure, a complete set of cargo docs is provided in due course, containing all relevant documentation in the appropriate format that can be accessible and readable from any handset or computer.

Also, handling of critical commercial documents is done in a timely manner, with accuracy and professionalism, making it easier for B&G’s customers to have them readily available and ensuring that discharging would not be delayed in any way.

Adriana Dorosz

Agustina Rodriguez


Micaela Dippolito

Our team of Accounting professionals will ensure that your is invoicing accurate and processed in a timely fashion. Whether billing direct or via third-party platforms, our team is proficient and adaptable to suit each customer’s particular needs.

Furthermore, our team in Accounting is available 24/7 to provide Estimate PDAs for any of our customer’s vessels calling ports of Argentina or Uruguay. PDAs provided by our team are calculated basis on current tariffs and with the most competitive discounts in the market.

Elizabeth De Faveri

Lucila Serra

Michael De Faveri

Valeria Seinhart

Our Administration department works hand in hand with our trusted providers in Argentina and Uruguay, ensuring on-time and accurate payments.  With an expert eye for detail, our team aids and promotes strong and cooperative working relationships with our providers.  

Daniel Rodriguez

Antonella Bellandi

Gabriel Costa

Sabrina Gitto

Delma Siles

Rodolfo Cordoba